Describe the Cycle of Erosion Given by Penck.

Penck’s Erosion Cycle According to Penck, “The phase and rate of upliftment of landforms and the sum of mutual relations in degradation are intertwined.” Mr. Penck has observed upliftment occurring at different rates and has divided the stages of evolution of landforms into three parts, as follows: Afasti Jinde Intiwak Lung – In this stage, … Read more

Describe the Landforms Formed by Internal Volcanic Action.

The landforms created by internal volcanic activity are mainly basaltic lava flows, which occur when lava erupts from within the earth. Basaltic lava is a type of lava that has low viscosity and flows easily downslope, creating large sheets of rock that can extend for miles. The sheets of basaltic lava can be up to … Read more